Tailored to your retail needs

Danica works with various offshore manufacturers. We have strong relationships with our suppliers. 

Our relationships have endured (some for over two decades!) because our suppliers incorporate the highest levels of quality control in their production processes.

The result? Products we are proud to offer you.

And our design expertise means that you get housewares that are easy to merchandise in an eye-catching and cohesive display.

Surface designs can be applied to multiple pieces to create a complete project line. 

Kitchen textiles, tabletop linens, paper napkins, porcelain wares, rugs, doormats, bags, children’s products, and bath items—are all tailored to you.

Superior products require superior design

Custom Design

Danica employs eight full-time designers skilled at creating stylish yet functional items for all levels of retail. 

Our in-house team members combine their varied backgrounds in everything from surface design to packaging to marketing. 

Drawing upon this expertise, we design uniquely appealing product lines. Designers can create custom images and have access to an extensive library of icons and seasonal designs.

Setting standards across the globe


At Danica, we pride ourselves on the quality of our supply chain. Our branded goods are produced at some of the best factories in India, China, and Turkey. Each facility has been individually selected because of its high working standards, top levels of quality control, and willingness to work with us.

We have strict zero-tolerance policies for child labor and forced labor. We also take measures to ensure that our products are safe. Our entire line of children’s products is tested for lead content and other harmful chemicals, and our ceramic products meet the highest safety standards.

We take a cooperative approach to our relationships with our suppliers, working together to interpret our designs into stunning products made with impeccable quality. We regularly travel overseas to inspect the factories, going to the very source where our yarns are dyed.

Our flexible shipping options

Danica offers larger retailers various purchasing and shipping options. 

Our warehouse’s procedures ensure that orders are processed and shipped as per our customers’ requirements. 

We also offer flexible supply chain services that range from Direct Import to Cross Dock, and Drop Ship to Replenishment programs. 

Our 35,000 square-foot state-of-the-art facility stocks all products in both our current line and our custom programs. The distribution center processes over 100 orders per day on average and receives 150-200 containers each year.