Our vibrant products are an expression of our company culture: a diverse group of people who work hard at having fun.

From dog-friendly workspaces and hybrid work options to bar cart Fridays — there are many perks to working with us!

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What's it like to work at Danica?

“Working at Danica is an amazing experience. Once you enter our headquarters in Vancouver, BC you immediately feel the amazing vibe that the space have. This feeling extends itself when you understand the company’s culture that is present from all the people that work here to how the company does business and treat staff, customers and consumers. The slogan ‘The Company you Keep’ couldn’t be more truthful, it is indeed a company that I keep forever in my heart in the year and a half I’ve been with Danica and many more to come.”

Matt Operations

“I’ve been very fortunate to have had the opportunity to grow my career with Danica over the last 20 years.  First hired on as a receptionist, within a few years I was supervising our Customer Service Department and then moved into Operations.  Along the way, I continued learning the business as much as possible and today, I’m the Sr. Operations Manager.  It’s been a journey and still far from over! The principles and integrity fostered by the owners and our management teams have made this company feel more like my work-family and not just a job.  I feel respected and valued and honestly believe that the culture being promoted here at Danica is one of the best.  The company works hard to be flexible and encourage a healthy work/life balance.  I love the amazing people I work with every day.  So many different backgrounds and stories.  Oh, and of course being a dog-friendly company makes coming into the office a real treat as well! ”

Charity Operations

“What I love most about Danica is the focus on design and the way the team comes together to bring it to the world. There’s a real sense of a shared passion for our products and a dedication to the company that makes teamwork a true joy. As an employee, I feel truly valued and heard. The leadership team is approachable, open and encouraging. If you have an idea for how to improve a process, start a new club or arrange a social event, it’s welcomed with open arms. The values of the company are true and really matter – and are engrained in the very core of the business.“

Åsa Creative
Perks & Benefits

Why work at Danica?

  • Values

    Competitive salary with generous vacation & sick day policies, product discounts, bonus Danica days during the holiday season, and a discretionary profit-sharing bonus

    Socially responsible by giving back to the community

    Growth & development opportunities

    Generous internal referral bonus

    Locally owned and operated family business with a diverse workforce

  • Culture

    Hybrid Work Model

    Extended health benefits

    Modern & casual open concept office located in the heart of Vancouver stocked with tea, coffee, and a fruit delivery program

    Fun office with garden club, fun committee, bar cart Fridays with great corporate events

    Dog friendly office

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the company you keep

Our Core Values

Danica is committed to the principle of equal employment and advancement opportunity for all employees and potential employees, along with a discrimination-free and harassment-free workplace. 

We value our diverse workforce.