Danica Studio is our design team’s creative collection of patterns and images that share the beauty created when the world of our imaginations interweaves with the world around us.

The well-rounded collections are comprised of au courant kitchen linens, mugs, coordinating ceramics, table linens, cosmetic bags, doormats, and home accessories.

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Making an impression

The Wax-Resist Technique

The wax-resist technique reflects our Danica Studio team's passion for the perfectly imperfect effect of handcrafted items. Our designs are etched in wax onto the surface of mugs and bowls prior to the glazing process. These etchings resist the glaze to create unique piece in our Imprint collection.

Modern Refresh

Redesigning the Dopp

Dating back to the 1920s, the Dopp Bag was named after Charles Doppelt, the creator of the leather toiletry bags that were issued to soldiers in WWI. The kit bag soon became a mainstream staple for anyone who needed a reliable, portable place to pack their toiletries. Our Dopp Bag is a softer, friendlier reimagining of the classic bag yet offers the same thoughtful and durable design.

A Timeless Trend

The Art of Furoshiki Gift Wrapping

A centuries-old Japanese tradition, Furoshiki cloths offer a modern sustainable alternative to gift wrapping. Square-shaped decorative fabrics can be tied in a variety of ways to create a stunning presentation—without the waste.

Uniquely Beautiful

The Art of Block Print

Geometric forms tumble and play across the surface, and patterns of nature swoop and soar, flourishing with the imperfect beauty of the handcrafted. Exuberant motion and a sense of depth and texture enhance our block-print collection of napkins, dishtowels, aprons, table cloths and tote bags.

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Danica Studio is an invaluable source of stylish, au courant accessories.

The well-rounded collections are comprised of kitchen linens, mugs, coordinating ceramics, travel accessories, and home decor.

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