Fall & Winter 2023

'Tis the season! Welcome to the Fall & Winter 2023 collections. Throughout our 4 in-house brands, there are 444 new items, which includes 15 new categories, 27 new collections, and 22 new patterns!

Now Designs by Danica

As the air cools and the days get shorter, the instinct to seek light, warmth, and comfort becomes stronger. Now Designs by Danica abounds with ways to make the season bright, memorable—and delicious. From the glow of a candlelit meal to the flickering flames of the fireplace to the sun sparkling off the snow, we hope our designs help you shine a light on the joy to be found in the here and now.

  • Baking Dishes

    Baking Dishes

  • Egg Crates

    Egg Crates

  • Soup Bowls

    Soup Bowls

  • Bowl Cozies

    Bowl Cozies

  • Tall Mugs

    Tall Mugs

  • Serving Platters

    Serving Platters

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Danica Studio

Discover our new collections that take you everywhere from Ancient Greece to cozy animal burrows one might find in the English countryside. Marvel at the intricacies of entomology and embrace abstract formations.

  • Dopp Bags

    Dopp Bags

  • Formation Dishtowels

    Formation Dishtowels

  • Formation Mugs

    Formation Mugs

  • Engraved Coasters

    Engraved Coasters

  • Imprint Trinket Trays

    Imprint Trinket Trays

  • Imprint Serving Bowls

    Imprint Serving Bowls

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Danica Heirloom

Leaves blanket the ground, snow dusts the tree branches and the instinct to retreat and seek comfort is cued by nature. Let’s follow nature’s lead and find beautiful ways to create warm and welcoming spaces to gather, and enjoy the process of turning our attention inwards. Our Danica Heirloom collections continue to draw inspiration from the elements; earth, water, wind, and desert.

  • Maison Soap & Sponge Holder

    Maison Soap & Sponge Holder

  • Gravy Boats

    Gravy Boats

  • Pulse Pinch Bowls & Dipping Dishes

    Pulse Pinch Bowls & Dipping Dishes

  • Dot Coasters

    Dot Coasters

  • Hallway Runners

    Hallway Runners

  • Tufted Cotton Rugs

    Tufted Cotton Rugs

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Danica Jubilee

Light up the Fall and Winter seasons with the warm wishes, colorful creatures, and festive fun. We hope Danica Jubilee is the reason you smile today!

  • Appetizer Plates

    Appetizer Plates

  • Wine Bags

    Wine Bags

  • Candy Buckets

    Candy Buckets

  • Daydream Lunch & Snack Bugs

    Daydream Lunch & Snack Bugs

  • Daydream Apron Sets

    Daydream Apron Sets

  • Whisk & Brush Sets

    Whisk & Brush Sets

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Fall & Winter 2023 Catalogs

  • Now Designs by Danica

    Now Designs by Danica

  • Danica Studio

    Danica Studio

  • Danica Heirloom

    Danica Heirloom

  • Danica Jubilee

    Danica Jubilee

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