Spring & Summer 2024

Welcome to the Spring & Summer 2024 collections! Throughout our 5 in-house brands, we've unveiled 459 new products designed to keep your store stocked and your customers happy.

Now Designs by Danica

Bees buzz about, flowers bloom and the sun beckons—spring and summer have arrived! Now Designs by Danica flourishes with ways to soak up the season of long, sunfilled days and laid-back entertaining. We hope our designs help you to answer the sun’s invitation to bask in its glow, take in the sights, and enjoy a taste of the sweet life that spring and summer offer. It’s time to get outside and enjoy the here and now.

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  • Soap Pumps

    Soap Pumps

  • Neem Wood Utensils

    Neem Wood Utensils

  • Printed Terry Dishtowels

    Printed Terry Dishtowels

  • Stamped Appetizer Plates

    Stamped Appetizer Plates

  • Fold-Up Fresh Totes

    Fold-Up Fresh Totes

  • Ice Cream & Sundae Bar Bowls

    Ice Cream & Sundae Bar Bowls

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Danica Studio

Embrace the awakening of a new season as we proudly unveil the Danica Studio Spring and Summer assortment, a vibrant tapestry of inspiration and innovation. Immerse yourself in captivating patterns and fresh offerings that beckon your imagination to flourish.

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  • Double Cloth Dishtowels

    Double Cloth Dishtowels

  • Jewelry Boxes & Cases

    Jewelry Boxes & Cases

  • Scrunchies


  • Sleep Masks

    Sleep Masks

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Danica Heirloom

Birds sing to the sunrise, and carpets and canopies of verdant green begin to decorate the world. The arrival of Spring and Summer is nature’s offering of hope. As more of us turn to nature for inspiration and comfort, a renewed interest in handcrafted items made of responsibly sourced materials seems only natural. The elements of nature continue to inspire our Danica Heirloom collections.

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  • Camellia Egg Holder

    Camellia Egg Holder

  • Element Amuse Bouche Plates

    Element Amuse Bouche Plates

  • Mango Wood & Acacia Wood Serveware

    Mango Wood & Acacia Wood Serveware

  • Double Weave Dishtowels

    Double Weave Dishtowels

  • Double Weave Napkins

    Double Weave Napkins

  • Facet Dishcloths

    Facet Dishcloths

  • Florence Table Linens

    Florence Table Linens

  • Felted Wool Trivets

    Felted Wool Trivets

  • Seagrass Placemats

    Seagrass Placemats

  • Tumble Plates

    Tumble Plates

  • Utility Tote

    Utility Tote

  • Hallway Runners

    Hallway Runners

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Danica Jubilee

Welcome to the Spring and Summer seasons, brimming with light and bright messages, colorful characters, and sunny inspiration. We hope Danica Jubilee is the reason you smile today!

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  • Berry Baskets

    Berry Baskets

  • Candy Buckets

    Candy Buckets

  • Mug & Socks Sets

    Mug & Socks Sets

  • Notebook & Pencil Case Sets

    Notebook & Pencil Case Sets

  • Apron & Dishtowel Sets

    Apron & Dishtowel Sets

  • Pocket Notebook Sets

    Pocket Notebook Sets

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Ecologie by Danica

Get ready to reset and refresh! Ecologie by Danica's collection of Swedish Sponge Cloths and Beeswax Wraps offers simple, sustainable solutions for a seasonal reset of cleaning and food storage routines. Natural, durable, and blooming with colour and style, Ecologie by Danica offers a fresh take on spring cleaning and summertime adventures.

Spring & Summer 2024 Catalogs

  • Now Designs by Danica

    Now Designs by Danica

  • Danica Studio

    Danica Studio

  • Danica Heirloom

    Danica Heirloom

  • Danica Jubilee

    Danica Jubilee

  • Ecologie by Danica

    Ecologie by Danica

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