Danica Heirloom Medley

A rich array of solids and patterns offers style with substance. Our Heirloom collections are simply splendid on their own or as complements to your home decor.

danica heirloom medley

Ash Plum

Rich purple tinged with smoky gray epitomize natural sophistication.

Danica Heirloom Medley


A bouquet of burgundy pleases the palate and warms the soul.

danica heirloom medley

Canyon Rose

The sun sets, casting a warm pink glow across the desert sand.

danica heirloom medley


Petal pink and sweet peach signal new beginnings and fresh starts.

Danica Heirloom Medley


A golden-hued shade radiates warmth and inspires creativity.

Danica Heirloom Medley


A soothing, blissful blue shade for creating an indoor oasis.

danica heirloom medley


A hushed calm descends with midnight’s deep, inky blue.

Danica Heirloom Medley


Silhouettes cast throughout the home bring a comfortable presence.

Danica Heirloom Medley

Dove Gray

Serenity and peace alight on the flutter of gentle gray wings

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