Fall & Winter 2024

Welcome to the Fall & Winter 2024 collections! Throughout our 5 in-house brands, we've unveiled 415 new products designed to keep your store stocked and your customers happy.

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Now Designs by Danica

Bask in the beauty of the harvest and bring the balm of the forest into your holiday home with Now Designs by Danica’s Fall and Winter ensemble. So line up the jars, roll up your sleeves, fill the pantry with preserves—let the holiday baking, braising, and boiling begin! It’s time to celebrate the here and now with Now Designs by Danica.

  • Latte Mugs

    Latte Mugs

  • Le Marché Wine Totes

    Le Marché Wine Totes

  • Shaped Tray

    Shaped Tray

  • Mini Cocottes & Brie Baker

    Mini Cocottes & Brie Baker

  • Gravy Boat with Saucer

    Gravy Boat with Saucer

  • Pinch Bowl Counter Display Unit

    Pinch Bowl Counter Display Unit

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Danica Studio

Embrace the awakening of a new season as we proudly unveil the Danica Studio Fall and Winter assortment, a vibrant tapestry of inspiration and innovation. Immerse yourself in captivating patterns and fresh offerings that beckon your imagination to flourish.

  • Throws


  • Block Print Notebook Sets

    Block Print Notebook Sets

  • Formation Printed Notebooks

    Formation Printed Notebooks

  • Embroidered Pouches

    Embroidered Pouches

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Danica Heirloom

Welcome Fall and Winter with the inviting palettes, eclectic patterns, and must-feel textures of Danica Heirloom’s curated collections. Focused on the handmade and sourced with care, our linens, floor coverings, and tabletop items bring a global flavor to the holiday home. Redefine and rejoice in the season ahead with Danica Heirloom.

  • Bar Tools & Flatware Set

    Bar Tools & Flatware Set

  • Fluted Mugs

    Fluted Mugs

  • Ada Aprons

    Ada Aprons

  • Napkin Rings

    Napkin Rings

  • Aura Placemats

    Aura Placemats

  • Metal Trivets

    Metal Trivets

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Danica Jubilee

Lighting up the season with glitz and glow, all is joyful and bright in Danica Jubilee's Fall and Winter collections. We hope Danica Jubilee is the reason you smile today!

  • Critter & Groovy Mugs

    Critter & Groovy Mugs

  • Everyday Bowl Sets

    Everyday Bowl Sets

  • Cocktail Napkin Sets

    Cocktail Napkin Sets

  • Salt & Pepper Shaker Sets

    Salt & Pepper Shaker Sets

  • Weekday Lunch Totes

    Weekday Lunch Totes

  • Christmas Stockings

    Christmas Stockings

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Ecologie by Danica

From pets to plants, sassy messages to festive greetings, Ecologie by Danica has prints and
patterns that go with the flow of Fall activities and help with Holiday happenings. Ecologie by Danica's practical products made of eco-friendly materials bring an abundance of thoughtful beauty to the seasons ahead.

Fall & Winter 2024 Catalogs

  • Now Designs by Danica

    Now Designs by Danica

  • Danica Studio

    Danica Studio

  • Danica Heirloom

    Danica Heirloom

  • Danica Jubilee

    Danica Jubilee

  • Ecologie by Danica

    Ecologie by Danica

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