Spring & Summer 2025

Welcome to the Spring & Summer 2025 collections! Throughout our 5 in-house brands, we've unveiled 422 new products designed to keep your store stocked and your customers happy.

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Now Designs by Danica

Fresh air floats through open windows and doors, delightfully blurring the line between indoor and outdoor living. Effortlessness and ease alight Now Designs by Danica’s Spring and Summer collection. 

  • Fresco Melamine Tabletop

    Fresco Melamine Tabletop

  • Fresh Totes

    Fresh Totes

  • Grocery Bags

    Grocery Bags

  • Spray Bottles

    Spray Bottles

  • Pop Up Sponges

    Pop Up Sponges

  • Spatula Counter Display Unit

    Spatula Counter Display Unit

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Danica Studio

Embrace the awakening of a new season as we proudly unveil the Danica Studio Spring and Summer assortment, a vibrant tapestry of inspiration and innovation. Immerse yourself in captivating patterns and fresh offerings that beckon your imagination to flourish.

  • Formation Rugs

    Formation Rugs

  • Catch-All Trays

    Catch-All Trays

  • Crossbody Bags

    Crossbody Bags

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Danica Heirloom

A café on a cobblestone street, a picnic in the shade, or sparkling drinks on the dock—Danica Heirloom’s linens, floor coverings, and tabletop items bring the pleasures of Spring & Summer into the home. From light and airy fabrics to hand-printed patterns and nature-inspired color palettes, a summer of slow living and memorable moments is about to unfold.

  • Acacia Wood Glass Jars

    Acacia Wood Glass Jars

  • Berryvine Mugs

    Berryvine Mugs

  • Dash Hand Towels

    Dash Hand Towels

  • Bamboo & Sisal Sink Accessories

    Bamboo & Sisal Sink Accessories

  • Double Weave Table Linens

    Double Weave Table Linens

  • Heritage Rugs

    Heritage Rugs

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Danica Jubilee

Let the sun shine in with Danica Jubilee’s Spring and Summer collections. Here you’ll find everyday items infused with fun and gifts designed to delight. We hope Danica Jubilee is the reason you smile today!

  • Crocheted Coaster Sets

    Crocheted Coaster Sets

  • Felted Wool Trivets & Coasters

    Felted Wool Trivets & Coasters

  • Pocket Totes

    Pocket Totes

  • Wine Bags

    Wine Bags

  • Jacquard Dishtowels

    Jacquard Dishtowels

  • Trinket Tray Pack

    Trinket Tray Pack

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Ecologie by Danica

From sunny messages to pets and plants, Ecologie by Danica has prints and patterns to inspire a season of fresh air and easy living. Ecologie by Danica's practical products are made of eco-friendly materials, blooming with thoughtful beauty, and ready for the brighter days ahead.

Spring & Summer 2025 Catalogs

  • Now Designs by Danica

    Now Designs by Danica

  • Danica Studio

    Danica Studio

  • Danica Heirloom

    Danica Heirloom

  • Danica Jubilee

    Danica Jubilee

  • Ecologie by Danica

    Ecologie by Danica

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