Shelf Talker Guide

Why Use Shelf Talkers?

We developed our Shelf Talker library to provide you with easy to use material that helps to educate your customers and ultimately encourages them to buy a product.

Educational content has been proven to increase the likelihood of making a purchase, empowering the customer with the information they need to determine if a product fulfills their need. With today's staffing challenges, our shelf talkers are here to help. With beautiful graphics, stunning images and helpful information, our range of shelf talkers fit seamlessly into your displays.

Read on to learn how to download, print and display our shelf talkers!

How to Download

  • Step 1

    Browse our selection of shelf talkers, organized by brand

  • Step 2

    Choose a size to print and click the download link

  • Step 3

    Your downloaded pdf is ready to print

How to Print

Our shelf talkers are press-ready PDFs, meaning they are ready to print at home or send to your local printer. When you send the file to your printer, provide them with the following specifications:

Trim size: 3 x 5" / 4 x 6" / 5 x 7" (depending on which size you downloaded)

Full colour printing

Single-sided (except for Sponge Cloth & Beeswax Knowledge that are double-sided)

Paper stock: Uncoated heavy-weight, 100–120 lb cover stock

How to Display

Now that your shelf talker is printed, it's ready to be displayed beside its corresponding product. There are many display options available online to order and we've rounded up some to get you started:

  • Wooden Sign Holders
  • Silver Sign Holders
  • Brass Sign Holders
  • Acrylic Sign Holders
  • Wooden Sign Holders
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Don't love any of these? Type in the following keywords on Google, Amazon, Etsy, etc to get started:

place card holder, sign holder, acrylic sign, card stand, sign frame