The Art of Block Print

Our passion for textiles and the handcrafted comes to life beautifully in our modernized application of the ancient technique of hand-block print in Danica Studio and Danica Heirloom.

Geometric forms tumble and play across the surface, and patterns of nature swoop and soar, flourishing with the imperfect beauty of the handcrafted. Exuberant motion and a sense of depth and texture enhance our block-print collection of napkins, dishtowels, aprons, table cloths and tote bags.

Carved and Printed by Hand

A centuries-old technique, the block print process begins with a relief pattern carved into blocks of wood. Depending on the detail and intricacy of the design, the carving of the wooden block can take anywhere from hours to weeks to complete. The block is then covered with ink and meticulously stamped across the surface of the textile.

Uniquely Beautiful

The subtle variations in the resulting design align harmoniously with the spirit of innovation, informed by the past. And now you can embrace the beauty of the handcrafted with our bespoke block-print designs.

Danica Studio Block Print Collections

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Danica Heirloom Block Print Collections

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