Spring & Summer 2024

Birds sing to the sunrise, and carpets and canopies of verdant green begin to decorate the world. The arrival of spring and summer is nature’s offering of hope. As more of us turn to nature for inspiration and comfort, a renewed interest in handcrafted items made of responsibly sourced materials seems only natural.

The elements of nature continue to inspire our Danica Heirloom collections. The new Grove collection invites you to
enter a quiet cluster of trees where sun-dappled shade calms the mind and nourishes the soul. Ephemeral blossoms are on perennial display with the petal imprints of the Hanami tabletop collection.

Sun-ripened earthy tones extend a warm welcome to all with our new medley color, Olive Branch. Linger a little longer in the peace of the olive grove with the dense textures and rich tones of our olive wood serveware

  • Olive Wood Serveware

    Olive Wood Serveware

    Olive wood radiates the warmth and richness of a Mediterannean grove. A hardwood, it is sustainable and long-lasting. Our olive wood hails from Tunisia and is responsibly sourced from the non-producing branches of olive farms. Sun-ripened grain patterns move deliciously through each piece, making each bowl, tray or spoon a unique, one-of-a-kind addition to the home.

  • Felted Wool Trivets
    Our source

    Felted Wool Trivets

    Nestled in the foothills of Kathmandu, Nepal, is a small factory where sheep wool is felted by hand. Since 2000, our source for felted wool has been employing local villagers (80% of whom are women) and environmentally responsible processes and materials. Our felted wool trivets embody the delightful difference of a piece that is 'hatale' (Nepali for 'made by hand').

  • Enigma Table Linens
    Kantha hand stitch

    Enigma Table Linens

    Known as the ‘running’ stitch, Kantha embroidery has enlivened fabrics used for both fashion and home decor for hundreds of years. Originating in West Bengal, it has been used traditionally in saris and quilts to showcase the talents and skills of Bengal’s rural women. With our Kantha Hand-Stitch linens, the unique beauty and quality of this time-honored tradition makes its way into the modern, stylish home.

  • Puzzle Table Linens
    Handsewn Applique

    Puzzle Table Linens

    Needlecraft is having a much-deserved renaissance. The handsewn applique items in our collection showcase the reasons why this exquisite embroidery is being rediscovered. Using a technique that has been passed down through generations, craftswomen from the village of Chohan carefully handstitch every piece, sometimes over the course of several days. Each piece in our applique collection shines as a modern ‘needle-turn’ of a traditional art.

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One-of-a-kind Charm

The Art of Reactive Glaze

Reactive glazes bring unexpected beauty and character to every piece. After melting or oxidizing during firing, this family of glazes creates subtle yet striking variations in color, texture, and feel. This artful technique results in original pieces with organic effects.

Uniquely beautiful

The Art of Block Print

Subtle variations in the design of the woodblock and the application create a unique, one-of-a-kind piece. Bring the art and tradition of the hand block print into your home with our Danica Heirloom hand block printed textile collection.

soft and absorbent

Why We Love Linen

Woven into the fabric of human history, it’s a material that continues to stand the test of time. For centuries, flax stems or flax straws have been spun into the threads that comprise everything from clothing to table coverings. While subtle in its texture and appearance, linen boasts a list of valuable assets that has made it a staple in homes around the world. Our linen collection is OEKO-TEX certified, meaning that it has been rigorously tested to ensure that is completely safe to use throughout your home and against your skin.

made by hand

The Art of Handmade

Danica Heirloom has over 225 artisanal items, including ones woven, printed, etched, and painted by hand. We work with suppliers around the globe focused on preserving the traditional craft techniques that bring a unique element to every item.

Danica Heirloom Spring & Summer 2024

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