Danica Heirloom Photo Styling Guide

A brand driven by tabletop and ceramics, accented by kitchen and table linens. With a focus on textures, special finishes and all things tactile, capturing this allure is key.

  • Photo Styling

    Look & Feel

    • Modern
    • Minimal
    • Simple, Rustic
    • Moody
    • Wabi Sabi
  • Photo Styling


    • Fresco
    • Concrete
    • Brick walls
    • Marble
    • Rustic wood surfaces.
  • Photo Styling


    • Clean, simple, focused
    • Monochromatic
    • Moody lighting
    • Beams of light
    • Stacks and multiples.
    • Mix of product shots and in situ.
  • Photo Styling


    • Sparse!
    • Fruits & veggies – cooked, dried or treated in some way
    • Dried flowers, twigs, berries
    • Cacti, succulents
    • Groomed plants
    • Heirloom dinner, glass and flatware.
  • Photo Styling

    Styling Effects

    • Simple draping and stacking shows off texture well and sets the mood
    • Use natural lighting to capture texture, wrinkles and imperfections
    • Plenty of compositional breathing
      room lets the product shine
  • Photo Styling

    Themes & Stories

    • Keep props to a minimal, favouring coordinating products as support instead
    • Store display set-ups are great
      for some collections

  • Photo Styling


    • Get up nice and close to show
      motifs and techniques
  • Photo Styling


    • Embrace the eclectic nature of the brand with lively mixing and matching
    • Some categories are helped by
      showing products in use
    • Farmhouse home settings work well
  • Danica Heirloom Models

    Look & Feel

    • Diverse
    • Sophisticated
    • Inconspicuous
  • Danica Heirloom Models


    • Linen, canvas and other natural materials.
    • Neutral and white tones.
    • Solid colors with some texture.
    • Avoid leather or jeans.
  • Danica Heirloom Models

    Makeup & Hair

    • Light, soft and everyday
    • No strong colors or bold lips or nails
    • Avoid or hide tattoos.
    • Hair in loose, simple styles
      and cuts
  • Danica Heirloom Models


    • Natural, un-posed
    • Off to the side, obscured or partly cropped out
    • No direct camera eye-contact – look at product, away or beyond
danica heirloom · S&S 2025 ·
seasonal brand story

Pause & Relish

Danica Heirloom highlights the beauty found in essential shapes, trusted materials and heritage techniques. We want to encourage customers to pause and appreciate the craftsmanship of our elevated one-of-a-kind pieces.

Carryover Products

Props & Settings

  • Use Danica Heirloom flatware, dinnerware, and glassware
  • Focus on Foundation Tabletop
  • Prop with items carrying over from the previous season, but don't go back further than that

Avoid using the following: Acacia Wood Serveware, Dot Centerpiece Runners, Canvas Tabletop, Cloudburst Mugs, Tint Mug (Shadow), Element Bowls (Sonora + Berry), Maison Mixing Bowls, Puzzle & Enigma Table Linens

Brand Merchandising Guidelines

Display Products

To best showcase the products' design and functionality, please follow these few simple guidelines for merchandising.

  • All towels should be displayed hung, not folded. Duplicate SKUs can be folded.
  • When possible, pouches should be upright or even hung on hooks, never flat
  • All totes should be hung or stuffed
  • All aprons should be displayed on mannequins or hanging, not folded.
  • When possible, all tablecloths and runners should be displayed hung, not folded.

What Not To Do

  • Busy & Scattered scenes
    Danica Heirloom Don'ts

    Busy & Scattered scenes

    Avoid scattered and 'spilled' props, keep layouts neat and sparse.

  • Bouquets & Flowers
    Danica Heirloom Don'ts

    Bouquets & Flowers

    Stay away from colorful bouquets, and leafy plants, favoring dried flowers, succulents and cacti.

  • Tattoos
    Danica Heirloom Don'ts


    Cover tattoos up or avoid putting them in the spotlight. Use natural material clothing instead.

  • Juvenile
    Danica Heirloom Don'ts


    Avoid super colorful or humorous themes. Don't prop with candy.

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