Ecologie by Danica Photo Styling Guide

Photos for Ecologie by Danica will need to align to multiple brand guidelines since the products are coordinated with other Danica brands. Make sure to use backdrops and props that align to both guidelines but finding overlapping themes and looks.

  • Photo Styling

    Look & Feel

    • Light
    • Bright
    • Clean
    • Natural
  • Photo Styling


    • Light and clean backgrounds
    • Marble, granite, tiles
    • Light finished wood surfaces
    • Painted backdrops: light blue tints
  • Photo Styling


    • Natural, layered, relaxed.
    • Authentic kitchen scenes, tablescapes, retail displays and home settings
  • Photo Styling


    • Veggies & fruits
    • Nuts & spices
    • Cooking & baking
    • Snacks, sandwiches
    • Dishes, water & soap suds
    • Greenery and flowers
  • Photo Styling

    Styling Effects

    • Show products in use to highlight functionality
    • Include at least one wet cloth to showcase the transformation the cloths go through
    • Scattered props and tipped over products add a natural feel
    • Hands are great to show scale and action
  • Photo Styling

    Themes & Stories

    • Food props and kitchen scenes are essential to the brand
    • Dish washing and drying set-ups are a natural fit as well
    • Highlighting alternate uses can inspire a good story

  • Photo Styling


    • Get up nice and close to show motifs and techniques
  • Photo Styling


    • Natural home and kitchen environments
    • Retail displays
  • Ecologie Models

    Look & Feel

    • Diverse
    • Relatable
    • Classic
    • Wholesome
  • Ecologie Models


    • Classic cuts, colors and patterns.
    • Neutral collared shirts.
    • T-shirts, cardigans. Jeans, chinos, loose fits.
    • Cotton, chambray, linen.
    • Plaids, gingham, solids, stripes.
  • Ecologie Models

    Makeup & Hair

    • Lightly styled and made up.
    • Neat and tidy.
    • Subtly manicured nails in soft colors.
    • Everyday styled hair. Pony-tails, buns, simple up-dos.
  • Ecologie Models


    • In the moment, focused on a task or demonstrating.
    • Joyful, confident.

What Not To Do

  • Dark & Rustic Backdrops
    Ecologie Don'ts

    Dark & Rustic Backdrops

    Avoid dark, rustic wood and weathered surfaces to differentiate from our other brands. The Ecologie home is more modern with lighter woods and classic kitchen surfaces.

  • Vibrant Backdrops
    Ecologie Don'ts

    Vibrant Backdrops

    Stay away from bightly coloured, painted backdrops to differentiate from our other brands. Lighter, tinted solid colors are more natural. See Backdrop Colors. Classic home and kitchen surfaces are also key.

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Backdrop Colours
  • Fresh Blue

    Fresh Blue

  • Dust Blue

    Dust Blue

  • Marble, Granite & Kitchen Tiles

    Marble, Granite & Kitchen Tiles

  • Light Wood

    Light Wood