Danica Studio Photo Styling Guide

The roadmap for Danica Studio takes us into the art of cross-merchandising collections to highlight the brand's complemental qualities. We'll be shifting focus to spotlight the strength of its categories and how they may display in our retailer's stores.

  • Photo Styling

    Look & Feel

    • Story-driven
    • Moody with a quirky twist
    • Contemporary
    • Stylish
  • Photo Styling


    • Simple, minimal, retro.
    • Dark neutral or brand colour coordinated.
    • Weathered.
  • Photo Styling


    • Simple with one product in focus.
    • Coordinating products on the sidelines
    • Props in the background or layered below.
  • Photo Styling


    • Prop themes can be inspired by the product's color, motif or function.
    • Art materials & stationery
    • Craft supplies
    • Vintage accessories
    • Science & natural accents
    • Modern electronic components
    • Jewellery & makeup
    • Artistic food presentations
  • Photo Styling

    Styling Effects

    • Feature one or a few products to keep images clean and impactful
    • Artistic, colour coordinated food presentations can tell an effective story
    • Modern, everyday accessories make the products relevant to everyday life
  • Photo Styling

    Themes & Stories

    • Use simple props with character to tell a unique story
    • Vintage accessories and simple backdrops with some patina tell the brand story well
    • Stationery and scientific detail props work well
    • Collections and natural curiosites is a suitable styling theme
    • Makeup, jewellery and craft supplies are good prop options too

  • Photo Styling


    • Go in close on smaller items, and include props that give a sense of scale
    • Show product sets in use together with appropriate props for scale reference
  • Photo Styling


    • Product focus with rich backdrops, neat effects & rustic details tell the story well
    • Fun, retro vibes and clothing works well for the brand
  • Danica Studio Models

    Look & Feel

    • Diverse
    • Understated
    • Retro
  • Danica Studio Models


    • Simple cuts with unique details.
    • Neutral with pops of color.
    • Sweaters and blouses with special weaves, collars and necklines.
    • High-waisted or wide-leg pants.
    • Loose dresses.
    • Worn-in but not torn denim.
    • Huaraches, clogs, sandals.
    • Cotton, linen, chambray, denim.
    • Solids, stripes, polka dots.
  • Danica Studio Models

    Makeup & Hair

    • Light, soft and everyday.
    • No strong colors or bold lips or nails.
    • Natural, everyday hair in classic cuts and simple styles.
  • Danica Studio Models


    • Natural, un-posed.
    • No direct camera eye-contact
    • Look at product, away or beyond.

What Not To Do

  • Dramatic Lighting
    Danica Studio Don'ts

    Dramatic Lighting

    Keep the lighting soft and natural to differentiate from our other brands. Avoid hard shadows and overlay effects.

  • Split Backdrops
    Danica Studio Don'ts

    Split Backdrops

    Stay away from layered or split backdrops to differentiate from our other brands. Go for natural patina rather than bright painted backdrops.

  • Painted risers

    Painted risers

    Avoid using painted risers for Danica Studio to differentiate from other brands. Opt for other type of objects to lift products up, like books or more vintage style blocks and crates.

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danica studio · s&s 2025 ·
seasonal brand story

Bring the outdoors in: Biophilia

An assortment that brings curated design details to the home, embracing emerging biophilia trends and elevating Danica Studio’s distinct point of view. Create a sense of harmony between the home and the world outside, celebrating craft and form.

key words for the season

    Garden · Adventure · Fable & Fairy Tale · Fantastical · Pattern Play · Geometry · Quilting · Making · Gather · Lush · Botanical · Tactile

    danica studio spring · summer 2025

    Storytelling Themes

    • Library visits
    • Reading picnic
    • Letter writing
    • Forest walks
    • Crafting & Making
    • Floral arranging
    • Home camp fire
    • Board game night
    • Pattern Play
    • Prep for an urban hike or shopping adventure
    a few more things to consider

    Categories & Merchandising

    • Cross-merchandising collections can be powerful
    • We are shifting more focus to categories

    spotlight categories & collections

    Woven Formation Rugs · Cross body bags · Embroidered Pouches · Imprint

    Put the most energy and intention into these key categories. These are products we have great faith in being successful. Give them space, real estate, inventory and investment dollars. Highlight in catalogues, marketing, display and photography.