Now Designs Photo Styling Guide

  • Photo Styling

    Look & Feel

    • Classic
    • Homestyle
    • Warm
    • Culinary
  • Photo Styling


    • Light wood
    • White and light painted surfaces
    • Marble
    • Granite
    • Tiles
    • Stainless Steel
  • Photo Styling


    • Natural, layered, relaxed
    • Authentic kitchen scenes
    • Tablescapes
    • Retail displays
    • Home settings
  • Photo Styling


    • Kitchen tools
    • Dining accessories
    • Fruits & veggies
    • Cooking & baking ingredients
    • Baked goods
    • Flowers
    • Leafy greens
    • Garden accessories.
  • Photo Styling

    Styling Effects

    • Scattered props and tipped over products add a natural, candid feel
    • Prop with coordinating products from the brand when appliable
    • Use products from other Danica brands only if it's more neutral and generic. It should not be easily identified.
    • Relaxed but well coordinated table settings tell the right story
  • Photo Styling

    Themes & Stories

    • Props directly drawn from the design is a fun way to show off the artwork & colors
    • Gardening can be a great prop and styling theme for some products & designs
    • Collection shots can be complex and layered to show off the product family
  • Photo Styling


    • Go in close on smaller items, and include props that give a sense of scale
    • Show product sets in use together with appropriate props for scale reference
  • Photo Styling


    • Hands and action shots are great to show how to use products
    • Larger retail settings and kitchen scenes show color and pattern coordination well
  • Now Designs Models

    Look & Feel

    • Relatable
    • Classic
    • Diverse
    • All ages
    • Families
  • Now Designs Models


    • Classic cuts, colors and patterns.
    • Neutral collared shirts and blouses.
    • Jeans, chinos, dress pants and skirts. In-line aprons.
    • Fitted dresses.
    • Boots, flats, sandals.
    • Cotton, chambray.
    • Plaids, gingham, solids, stripes.
  • Now Designs Models

    Makeup & Hair

    • Lightly styled and made up.
    • Neat and tidy.
    • Manicured nails in coordinated colors, can be bold if it ties into product.
    • Everyday styled hair.
    • Pony-tails, buns, simple up-dos
    • Simple, understated jewellery
  • Now Designs Models


    • In the moment, focused on a task or demonstrating.
    • Joyful, confident.

What Not To Do

  • Dramatic Lighting
    Now Designs Don'ts

    Dramatic Lighting

    Keep the lighting soft and natural to differentiate from our other brands. Avoid hard shadows and overlay effects.

  • Vibrant Backdrops
    Now Designs Don'ts

    Vibrant Backdrops

    Stay away from bightly coloured, painted backdrops to differentiate from our other brands. Think classic home and kitchen surfaces.

  • Dark & Rustic Backdrops
    Now Designs Don'ts

    Dark & Rustic Backdrops

    Avoid dark, rustic wood and weathered surfaces to differentiate from our other brands. The Now Designs home is more modern with lighter woods and clasic kitchen surfaces.

  • Dried Flowers & Cacti
    Now Designs Don'ts

    Dried Flowers & Cacti

    Keep it fresh! Go for fresh flowers, herbs and produce instead of dried. Avoid succulents, cacti and sculpted plants to differentiate from our other brands.

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danica jubilee · s&s 2025 ·
seasonal brand story

Garden to table

Garden to table: A collection that celebrates indoor and outdoor entertaining, seamlessly blending fresh elements from the kitchen garden, the country farm and gourmet delights from land and sea. This strategy aims t elevate order values and frequency for the season, solidifying Now Designs as the go-to brand for timeless yet trend-conscious products that merchandise well and tell a seasonal story through material, form, colour and design.

key words for the season

    Abundance · Garden Fresh · Farm fresh · Community · Home Cooking · Garden Mum · Fresh Picked · Casual Dining · Patio · Picnic · Classic · Delightful · Outdoor living · Summer haze

    spotlight categories & collections

    Fresco Melamine · Spatula CDU · Spray Bottle · Clean coast & Fresco: Outdoor living · Full Bloom Fresh Tote · Color Center · Grocery Bags

    Put the most energy and intention into these key categories. These are products we have great faith in being successful. Give them space, real estate, inventory and investment dollars. Highlight in catalogues. marketing, display and photography.

    other things to focus on

    Kitchen & Dining Functionality

    • Functionality and function needs to play a greater role, we don’t want customers to forget that these are highly functional products
    • Keep it in the kitchen, dining room and outdoor eating spaces
    • All towels should be displayed hung, not folded. Duplicate SKUs
      can be folded.
    • All aprons should be displayed on models, manequins or hanging, not folded.
    • When possible, all tablecloths and runners should be displayed hung, draped or spread out, not folded.
    • All totes should be worn, hung or stuffed