A deep passion for craftsmanship, handmade goods, ethical production, and uncompromising quality compelled us to create Danica Heirloom. We take inspiration from the quality of cherished items that last generations, and from our intertwined global community of artists who make, create, and share the products that bring us together. Created with earth tones, jewel palettes, and a love of travel, Heirloom encompasses a spirit of global citizenship and well-traveled design. Travel the globe and redefine home decor with Danica Heirloom.

Brand Statement

A collection of eclectic patterns, must-feel textures and inviting palettes

Brand Statement

A collection of eclectic patterns, must-feel textures and inviting palettes

  • The Look

    • Textural
    • Handmade
    • Rustic
    • Modern
    • Natural
    • Earthy
    • Eclectic
    • Organic
  • The Products

    • Tabletop
    • Serveware
    • Kitchen Accessories
    • Kitchen Linens
    • Table Linens
    • Rugs
  • The Customer

    • Gift
    • Lifestyle
    • Home Furnishings
  • The Voice

    • Classic
    • Detail-oriented
    • Beautiful
    • Storytelling
    • Vibrant
    • Lyrical
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Danica Heirloom

Brand Guidelines

  • Logo


    Minimum application size: 0.5" wide

  • Logo Flag

    Logo Flag

    Minimum application size: 1" wide

  • Main Color

    Main Color

    Soft Black
    Hex #363637

  • Accent Colors

    Accent Colors

    Shadow: Hex #676B6A
    Jade: Hex #4C8676
    Clay: Hex #9E483F
    Lagoon: Hex #5F8289

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Photography Styling Guide

  • Photo Styling

    Look & Feel

    • Modern
    • Minimal
    • Simple, Rustic
    • Moody
    • Wabi Sabi
  • Photo Styling


    • Fresco
    • Concrete
    • Brick walls
    • Marble
    • Rustic wood surfaces.
  • Photo Styling


    • Clean, simple, focused
    • Monochromatic
    • Moody lighting
    • Beams of light
    • Stacks and multiples.
    • Mix of product shots and in situ.
  • Photo Styling


    • Sparse!
    • Fruits & veggies – cooked, dried or treated in some way
    • Dried flowers, twigs, berries
    • Cacti, succulents
    • Groomed plants
  • Photo Styling

    Styling Effects

    • Simple draping and stacking shows off texture well and sets the mood
    • Use natural lighting to capture texture, wrinkles and imperfections
    • Plenty of compositional breathing
      room lets the product shine
  • Photo Styling

    Themes & Stories

    • Keep props to a minimal, favouring coordinating products as support instead
    • Store display set-ups are great
      for some collections

  • Photo Styling


    • Get up nice and close to show
      motifs and techniques
  • Photo Styling


    • Embrace the eclectic nature of the brand with lively mixing and matching
    • Some categories are helped by
      showing products in use
    • Farmhouse home settings work well
  • Danica Heirloom Models

    Look & Feel

    • Diverse
    • Sophisticated
    • Inconspicuous
  • Danica Heirloom Models


    • Linen, canvas and other natural materials.
    • Neutral and white tones.
    • Solid colors with some texture.
    • Avoid leather or jeans.
  • Danica Heirloom Models

    Makeup & Hair

    • Light, soft and everyday
    • No strong colors or bold lips or nails
    • Avoid or hide tattoos.
    • Hair in loose, simple styles
      and cuts
  • Danica Heirloom Models


    • Natural, un-posed
    • Off to the side, obscured or partly cropped out
    • No direct camera eye-contact – look at product, away or beyond

What Not To Do

  • Busy & Scattered scenes
    Danica Heirloom Don'ts

    Busy & Scattered scenes

    Avoid scattered and 'spilled' props, keep layouts neat and sparse.

  • Bouquets & Flowers
    Danica Heirloom Don'ts

    Bouquets & Flowers

    Stay away from colorful bouquets, and leafy plants, favoring dried flowers, succulents and cacti.

  • Tattoos
    Danica Heirloom Don'ts


    Cover tattoos up or avoid putting them in the spotlight. Use natural material clothing instead.

  • Juvenile
    Danica Heirloom Don'ts


    Avoid super colorful or humorous themes. Don't prop with candy.

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Additional Brand Assets

Danica Resources

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Additional Brand Assets

Danica Resources

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