We strive to be The Company You Keep by providing design, product and service with integrity.

Danica is a market leader in houseware, giftware, and home furnishing design. With five distinct brands under the Danica umbrella, we offer an engaging and dynamic range of products. Family-owned with a global reach, we’ve evolved from our roots as a source of classic kitchen textiles in North America in the 1960s.

Danica’s dedication to providing designs, products, and service with integrity continues to be evident in everything we do. From our bustling headquarters in Vancouver, Canada to our manufacturing partners overseas, and our retail customers everywhere, we are passionate about our community and committed to reducing our environmental footprint while making a positive impact.
Our in-house team of designers and product developers draw from their extensive and diverse backgrounds to create the unique collections in each of our brands. The vitality and charm of our designs are brought to life in our photography, often featuring our Danica family (and their pets!) as models. Expertise in trend research, illustration and product development can be seen in everything we create, resulting in outstanding brands destined for shops and homes where design and quality inspire the art of living well.

Inspired by the art of living well

Inspired by the art of living well

Danica creates modern home and living decor products that deliver color, pattern, and thoughtful design. Brimming with vitality, each collection is composed with quality, function and joy top of mind.


Brand Guidelines

  • Logo


    The Danica logo and tagline comes in a few brand color variations. The logo can also be used on its own.

    Minimum application size:
    Logo – 0.5" wide
    Logo & Tagline – 1" wide

  • Brand Colors

    Brand Colors

    Forest Green: Hex #3F6F60
    Sunshine Yellow:
    Hex #FFD857
    Grass Green: Hex #28AD73

  • Accent Colors

    Accent Colors

    Blue: Hex #659ABI
    Hex #78C9CD
    Orange: Hex #006e74

  • Fonts


    Darwin: Display font
    Kerning: Optical · Uppercase tracking: 50-75

    Cabrito: Display & Body font
    Use Normal weights · Set in all lower case for display type

    Motherline: Accent Script
    Set in all lower case. · Use ligatures sparingly

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  • Patterns


    These three brand patterns can be used in the brand soft black
    or at 20-30% opacity or in C0 M0 Y0 K20-30.
    Preferred scales: 100% or 200%.

  • Stand Alone Tagline

    Stand Alone Tagline

    The tagline can be used as a separate graphic, available in a few variations.

    Minimum application size: 0.75" wide

  • Document Templates

    Document Templates

    To download logos, document templates and other brand resources, navigate to this server directory:
    Data > Danica General > Brand Resources

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Additional Brand Resources

Danica Resources

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Additional Brand Resources

Danica Resources

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Danica Brands

Looking for brand resources and guidelines for our Danica brands? Click through below to download or review.

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